Why we're launching at-home dental care

Many of us avoid the dentist. We brush, try to floss, and cross our fingers that nothing goes wrong. Wally empowers you to take care of your smile starting from home. Having a healthier, happier mouth just got easier.

Our team here at Wally has worked with thousands of patients and clinicians across the country, and these interactions told us one clear thing: People care about their oral health, yet the current experience isn't suited for the vast majority of Americans. Convenience, cost, and fear stand in the way of a brighter smile. So when we saw people asking for a new and more approachable care experience that would help their unique needs, we answered. We decided to create a more approachable experience that took into account each person's unique needs.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the world’s first personalized, at-home dental care product that is powered virtually by real hygienists.

Didn't go to the dentist this year? You’re not alone.

Many of us avoid the dentist, in fact 150M+ people will avoid the dentist this year. Instead, we brush, try to floss, and cross our fingers that nothing goes wrong. But if you're one of the millions avoiding the dentist, it's not your fault. That's because the traditional dental care system doesn’t work for most of us. 

When the system isn't working for the majority of people, it's time to create something better. That's why our team of hygienists, dentists, technologists, and go-getters founded Wally to reimagine the future of our dental care experience and rebuild it so it works for all of our unique needs. We aren’t the only ones excited for a better dental experience - when we opened our sign-up page a few weeks ago, people filled our initial waitlist in a matter of hours.

"As a hygienist, I see firsthand the barriers to care and patient concerns. Wally is disrupting the dental market and finding solutions to make the dental experience positive for patients." - Iman Zayed, RDH

What is Wally’s At-Home Care all about?

It all starts with an at-home dental assessment kit. Each kit contains a few simple tests to reveal the unique chemistry of your mouth. This allows our clinicians to develop a personalized at-home plan that empowers you to take control of your oral health. All with an experience that is easy-to-use and judgement free. 

You don't use curly shampoo for straight hair, or treat dry skin with products for oily skin. So why do we all get the same, generic recommendations for our daily oral care?

Fresher breath, less cavities, whiter teeth are just a few things we can help with.

How does it work?

  1. Order your free test kit 
  2. Once its delivered, you’ll spend 5-10 mins taking the tests and uploading your results to our secure platform
  3. Receive your personalized plan
  4. Launch your one-on-one virtual chat with a real hygienist to discuss your plan and product recommendations
  5. Continue with ongoing care and products 
    Our amazing hygienists are up on the latest oral healthcare innovations and products. Best of all, they can’t wait to talk to you to answer any questions - trust us, they have heard everything!

And we don't leave you hanging. Throughout your membership we send you ongoing kits to track your progress. The best product recommendations and discounts.  Plus, you can chat with Wally’s clinicians any time to answer any question.

Give it a try!

We are so confident you’ll love the experience that we made it free to try our at-home dental assessment kit for a limited time. Visit our homepage and request your kit - we can't wait for you to take the first step toward a healthier, happier smile.

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