Introducing the future of dental care: primary-care dentistry

Unlimited preventative dental care = unlimited smiling. This is the future. Period.

Our team started Wally to fix the traditional dental system that hurt us. As patients we paid too much, tried using insurance that was full of “gotchas”, called offices only to wait months for a cleaning, and even had our teeth drilled unnecessarily. As clinicians, we worked within a system that prioritized treatment over prevention and profit over healthy outcomes.

We came together and built Wally on the idea that a completely new patient experience could make “going to the dentist” exciting again. To do this we listened to patients and clinicians to deliver what’s needed most: affordability, simplicity, and better outcomes (bigger smiles). And, with the help of our first 3,000 members, we have proved exactly that. 

The result: Wally has launched the first primary-care dental experience in the country. For just $199 a year our membership provides unlimited cleanings, diagnostics, check-ups, and whitening. 

What is Wally’s primary-care dental experience?

Primary dental care is a personalized approach to your oral health, with a focus on prevention. Unlike traditional dental care which focuses on treating problems, our model keeps your smile healthy. Our goal is to help you look and feel great, and catch issues early before they turn into big, expensive, issues.

We do this with the best clinical team of hygienists, dentists, and dental assistants; the most innovative, science-backed practices, and industry-leading tech.

The three things that make primary-care different than the traditional dentist are:

  1. It’s easy and comfortable. Bookings are one-click away and you don’t need to bring your wallet. Our diagnostic and cleaning tech is spa-like and the most clinically advanced in the industry.
  2. It’s affordable. $199 for unlimited smiling. Clear, transparent, and affordable for everyone. No insurance-like gotchas makes us the most affordable dental visits you will ever have (over and over again).
  3. It’s prevention-focused. With a value-based care model instead of treatment-driven profit model, you can feel confident we are doing what’s right for your smile. We use technology to deliver unlimited care both virtually and at our studios. Simply put, you won’t get fillings you don’t need, because we don’t drill your teeth.

Why is primary-care dental the future?

Historically, big insurance companies called the shots. Creating the rules that dentists and patients had to play by. This 50-year old traditional model has built a treatment-driven approach that has people tired of paying too much for dental care that continuously leads to more treatment. In fact, $22B every year is spent treating unnecessary fillings alone.

And, unfortunately it will keep getting worse as insurance fuels the expansion of treatment-driven corporate dental companies.

How do we change this? Simple: a value-based experience for patients and the hygienists and dentists who provide it. 

This means the success of our experience is tied to the outcomes we drive for patients, not quantity of treatment. Primary dental care puts you and your smile first.

Unlimited preventative dental care = unlimited smiling. This is the future. Period.

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