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The key to better dental care? A "welcome" call with your hygienist

A modern dental experience tailored to you starts with something surprisingly simple - a phone call.

Picture this: after waiting months for that seemingly impossible-to-book dental cleaning, it's finally here. You floss three times a day leading up to the appointment and start to get anxious about the visit. Will they judge me for how long it's been and how bad my breath smells? Will they “find” a cavity or something else that will cost me hundreds of dollars? 

You arrive at the dentist office and are handed a clipboard with stacks of forms to fill out. When you get into the chair the hygienist’s hands are immediately in your mouth. They’re doing that annoying thing where they ask you questions and then expect you to answer while they’re scraping your teeth. Then your least favorite flavor, mint, takes over your taste buds as the hygienist polishes your teeth.

The dentist comes in long enough to tell you that you have a cavity and to talk to the front desk about booking a filling. At the front desk they rush you to book the filling (suddenly there are same-day appointments?) and can't tell you how much it will cost, but give a large range. You are ushered out the door and head to lunch … only to wonder "is this for real?"

That’s why we do things differently here at Wally. And our personalized care starts with a phone call so your hygienist can be your guide through your journey.

Here's how we do welcome calls with your Wally hygienist, and how this will bring you into the future of dental care in less than 10 minutes.

Customizing your oral care to your unique mouth

Just like the rest of your body, your mouth is unique. Your genetics, diet, environment, and upbringing have created your one-of-a-kind mouth. And you deserve more than the generic advice: "brush and try to floss every day."

If you have bad breath it can be a combination of diet and the chemistry of your mouth. Testing your saliva is the best way to pinpoint the source of bad breath and to come up with a strategy to get rid of it for good. 

If you have tooth decay, our team is there to coach you toward stronger enamel, whereas a traditional dentist might try to pull a fast filling on you that will cost you hundreds of dollars rather than exploring other options to fix it.

Your welcome call kick starts the personalized care journey.

Meet your Wally hygienist

The last thing you need is another call in your calendar, right? But these 10 minutes will save you hours of time in the dentist office, not to mention avoiding costly treatments like fillings or crowns.

Your first step as a member is your welcome call with one of our licensed Wally hygienists: health coaches who live and breathe oral health. 

The phone call is a welcoming space where you can say all the things you wish you could say to your dental team. We aren't hovering over your mouth with a mirror - we're on the phone getting to know you in the judgement-free zone of your own home. We take detailed notes so we can give you a personalized, focused, and more comfortable journey to oral health.

The first thing we do is listen. We’ll listen to your concerns (should I be worried my gums feel tender?), preferences (no, really, please don’t talk to me when your hands are in my mouth), and oral health goals (goodbye bad breath, hello second dates).

Then your hygienist will explain what the Wally experience will do for you and exactly how you'll benefit from your journey with Wally.

The welcome call helps us set up your first in-studio appointment to be perfect for you.

How your welcome call customizes your Wally experience

After your welcome call, you'll book your first in-studio appointment - most members have their first appointment within days of their welcome call.

Your hygienist securely shares their notes with the rest of the clinical team. That way your studio team can prepare for your visit. 

When you arrive in the studio you'll step into a room that is tailored for you. The flavors will be ready, topical anesthetic can be on-hand, and your hygienist will know to go gently on that one sensitive tooth on the bottom right. 

Also, we won't spend 20 minutes reading off a clipboard to get your oral health history. You'll have taken a quick survey on your phone before your visit, and your hygienist will have already read your profile. 

The clinical team will use the valuable time with you to complete comprehensive diagnostics including x-rays and 3D scans that take seconds, saliva testing, and a detailed oral exam.

Your hygienist reviews all your diagnostics to craft your custom at-home routine that will make your next cleaning a breeze, and supports you every day between your studio visits.

What to expect in your Wally welcome call

Your welcome call is a secure 1:1 call with a hygienist. It's 10 minutes long, and it will cut your time in the dentist chair by hours each year (not to mention save you $100's per year).

  1. Book a time that works for you
  2. Share your goals and questions with your hygienist
  3. Learn what the Wally experience will do for you
  4. Schedule your first studio appointment
  5. Enjoy the ride - our supportive team is here to help you throughout the journey

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