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Wally Health Studio: Your first visit

When you come for your first Wally visit, here’s what to expect.

Your first Wally visit is coming up. Get excited. This isn't just a fresh coat of paint on the old-fashioned dentist visit.

We've launched a new approach to oral health - one that puts you at the center and focuses on your long-term health goals by being proactive (not expensively reactive) when it comes to your oral care.

Now that you're getting ready for your visit, what can you expect?

An experience designed for you

As soon as you get to the studio you'll feel like it's different. There is no lengthy check-in process and no paperwork on a clipboard.

You'll relax and very quickly be greeted by your clinician. Then it's time for diagnostics like you've never seen before. 

3D scans, x-rays that take moments (not 30 minutes), saliva testing, and a special solution that reveals the bacteria hiding in your mouth are all part of the diagnostic experience. 

Why? Our clinicians use this to get a full 360 view of your oral health in order to tailor your oral care plan from at-home to in our studio, so you can have the healthiest smile of your life.

And remember your welcome call? It wasn't just polite chit chat with your virtual hygienist. Everything you shared is securely documented and is reviewed by your hygienist at your visit. You'll feel like we've been friends a long time by the time before you even get started. 

Hold up, a saliva test?

This is something you've never seen at a dentist office. Your hygienist will use a litmus strip to text your saliva for two things:

  • Acidity level
  • Buffering capacity

These two factors reveal your risk for cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. More than 50% of our patients discover their saliva is the source of issues like bad breath, bleeding gums, or sensitivity. 

After your appointment your virtual hygienist will discuss your saliva results and create your personal hygiene routine for how you can keep your pearly whites pristine from home. 

A "bacteria cleanse" for your mouth

This is the magical moment you've been waiting for. Once you're in the chair your hygienist will get to work on the biofilm, aka, bacteria, in your mouth.

But this isn't your traditional cleaning where your hygienist spends time scraping your teeth and using a screeching polisher … which only pushes the bacteria around rather than removes it.

Instead, your Wally hygienist will "power wash" off the bacteria with a therapeutica spray. This spray is antibacterial and designed to clean away the bacteria and calculus off your teeth. And it feels AMAZING. It's so gentle your mouth will think you're at a spa, not the dentist.

Your teeth will not only feel squeaky clean, they'll be clear of the bad bacteria that causes things like tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease.

The exam you don't have to study for

Last, but not least you’ll have a quick chat with a Wally dentist. They will go over your diagnostics and explain anything they see - without any upselling!

And don’t worry if you forget everything they say or you have questions once you leave. Your virtual clinician will connect with you to share your results and review everything afterward. We think it's much nicer to discuss the results from the comfort of your home, rather than lying on your back in an office while wearing a paper bib.

Waltz away

Once you're done, you’re on with your day. There's no check out, no payment negotiation with the front desk, trying to schedule your next appt in 6 months, or paying surprise bills. 

We'll send you a text with a link to book your follow up chat where you'll discuss your appointment results, how to get your whitening, your free personalized wellness kit, and recommended timing for your next cleaning.

And don’t leave with a cheap "goodie bag." We send you a personalized wellness kit to your door 

Let's be honest, the samples you're used to getting from your dentist are kinda cheap and aren't in your best interest. It's samples from a large oral product company in the hopes they get your business at Duane Reade.

We nixed the cheap plastic bag for something that matters to you.

Your virtual hygienist will review the results from your studio visit and put together a personalized box of their favorite products for your needs. This trial-size box lets you try the products that match up with your at-home routine, and see how you like them 

Oh, and all this is completely free and shipped straight to your door so you don't have to lug it on the train. 

My train is running crazy late! What should I do?

Hey, life happens and sometimes the F train won't budge or that last meeting went way over. If you're running late, call or text us (833) 929-2559 to let us know.

If you need to cancel on the day of your appointment, we might not be able to rebook you for at least 4 weeks - your hygienist set aside valuable time to take care of you so we appreciate as much notice as possible.

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