Wally Health Studio: Your first visit

When you come for your first Wally visit, here’s what to expect.

Your first Wally visit is coming up. Get excited. This isn't just a fresh coat of paint on the old-fashioned dentist visit.

We're piloting a new approach to oral health - one that puts you at the center and focuses on your long-term health goals. Wally is just getting started and we value feedback from the most important person in the room (psst, that's you). If you like or don't like anything please let us know! Your input is incredibly valuable so we can improve the experience for you and others.

Now that you're getting ready for your visit, what can you expect?

Welcome to the Studio

Your welcome call with your hygienist wasn't just polite chit chat. Everything you shared is securely documented and is being reviewed by your clinicians. You'll feel like we've been friends a long time by the time you get to our door.

Once you step inside all you need to do is relax. There is NO check in process, and definitely no paperwork.

You get a few of our favorite things

When it's time, your hygienist will greet you with your welcome gift: a few of our favorite things. 

Our focus is prevention which is why we gift you items clinically shown to produce superb results at-home:

  • Boka toothpaste. It tastes scrumptious and it's got our favorite ingredient - nano-hydroxyapatite - which is first-rate at remineralizing your teeth, reducing tooth sensitivity, and preventing cavities.
  • CloSyS rinse. This gentle liquid leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and because it reduces the bacteria responsible for things like gum inflammation / bleeding, cavities, and bad breath.
  • Cocofloss. This super-duper, subtly textured string provides maximum bacteria removal between teeth without shredding. And it tastes like a vacation to motivate you to floss. 
  • Soft-bristled Boka toothbrush. Feeling is believing. We want you to feel exactly how soft is the right softness for your toothbrush. Soft brushes are the best for getting into all the nooks and crannies of your teeth, while also being gentle on your gums.  

Take them home and give them a spin. If you like them let us know and we can get you a sweet discount.

Your visit is focused around you

Once you get in the chair you will be in a zero judgment zone. Our team will do your diagnostic x-rays and a 3D scan, then you'll meet your dentist for your exam. If your dentist recommends additional care they'll show you pictures or x-rays to explain why.

And finally, your hygienist will do a quick saliva test and finish with a thorough cleaning that leaves your teeth squeaky clean.

Hold up, let's talk about that saliva test

This is something you've never seen at a dentist office. Your hygienist will use a litmus strip to text your saliva for two things:

  • Acidity level
  • Buffering capacity

These two factors reveal your risk for cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. More than 50% of our patients discover their saliva is the source of issues like bad breath or sensitivity. 

After your appointment your virtual hygienist will discuss your saliva results and create your personal hygiene routine for how you can keep your pearly whites pristine from home. 

Waltz away

Once you're done you leave. There's no check out, no calendar negotiating with the front desk, no paying for surprise bills. 

We'll send you a text with a link to book your virtual chat to discuss your results, next steps, and how to book your next cleaning.

And all this happens in ~1 hour. So if you took a little more time off from work for your appointment, go ahead and take some time for yourself. You deserve some time for you.

My train is running crazy late! What should I do?

Hey, life happens and sometimes the F train won't budge or that last meeting went way over. If you're running late, call or text us (833) 929-2559 to let us know.

If you’re running 15+ minutes late, we may want to reschedule so your clinicians can spend quality time with you and your smile. Just let us know we will determine the best solution with you.

Thank You!
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