The 5 things Wally is doing for your smile in 2023

The healthcare industry is forced to use technology innovation to create more complete patient and clinician experiences. Fortunately for dental care, our team at Wally led this change in a way no other company did.

2022 was another big year of change for healthcare experiences. During covid, telehealth took over. But with the lift of covid restrictions, we saw telehalth’s rapid rise get balanced back into hybrid healthcare experiences (IRL + virtual) - the best healthcare companies give patients a more complete experience that works for them (think Tia for women’s health or Forward for insurance-free primary care). This forces the healthcare industry to innovate with technology in ways that are best for a more complete patient and clinician experiences.

Fortunately for dental care, our team at Wally led this change in a way no other company did. And our thousands of founding members got to experience this change first-hand.

So, what’s next? We're thrilled to highlight what we will do for your dental experience in 2023:

Launching primary dental care

The traditional dental system has it backwards. Big insurance companies set the rules and this isn’t great for patients – leading to expensive, complicated "care" that is incentivized to drill your teeth vs preventing issues. 

With the launch of a primary dental care model, we are putting our money where our mouth is and doing what no other dental company in the country has done. We don’t play the insurance game and because we don’t drill your teeth, our goal is to keep your mouth feeling and looking good. Value-based, primary care isn’t new but it’s getting a lot of attention in other areas of healthcare.  We think dental deserves this as well. 

Stay tuned as we release more about how we are creating the most value for your mouth, without the expense.

Staying affordable

Cost is still the number one reason people don’t get the care they need. While other dentists (81%) plan to raise fees, we will always stay the most affordable dental experience you will ever have. How do we do this? We work with the best people, build innovative technology, and focus on a primary care model to drive healthy outcomes (not upsell treatment). The healthier your mouth is, the more affordably we can deliver care, and we pass the savings back to you.

Bringing on the best clinicians

We believe you can innovate healthcare as much as you want with new models and technology, BUT if the people powering the experience aren’t the best, it will show.

This is why we have been building the best clinical team in the country. Our team of hygienists, dentists, and assistants care about creating a better future, and they all come from leadership positions in the dental community. We will continue to bring on the best clinicians to maintain the quality of care as we grow and see more members.

Building more technology

If you’ve signed up for Wally, you know this looks very different from your last visit to the dentist. From the moment you become a member we engage with you. And in an easy way – through texting and interactive videos we learn about you so we can personalize your experience. During your visits we use state-of-the-art-tech to diagnose and clean your teeth. And it doesn't stop there as we provide virtual recommendations and guidance between visits.

This year we are incorporating new, tech-driven, diagnostics to personalize your Wally experience even more - with data. And we will tie everything together for you with the launch of our patient app to make this experience even better.  Think faster scheduling, easier chat, and a place that keeps all your records for you. 

In short, we are building 10X more technology this year to make your experience easier, more accessible, and keep it damn affordable.

Opening more locations!

To make sure we have appointments when and where you want them, we are opening several new locations throughout NYC this year.  In fact, we just launched our second location in Tribeca.  Come check us out – it's our flagship studio that we designed to be more relaxing and calming than a traditional dentist office.

We still have a lot to build. And, we are excited to do more for the patient experience and the hygienists who provide it, than any other company has in the past 50 years.

So – let’s do this 2023!  

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