Offer teledentistry to your existing patients

Dentists can now use Wally to implement personalized teledentistry at their practices.

At Wally, we're always developing ways to increase the accessibility of quality care for patients. We're excited about our new feature which makes it even easier for patients to stay connected to their dentist and get questions to their dental answers. Our partner dentists can now offer their own, practice-specific teledentistry solution right from their Wally account. 

Dentists can set up a teledentistry profile in minutes and share it with their existing patients to help them get care without having to visit the office. Not only that, Wally can refer new patients to dentists who have set up a profile with Wally.

"Unfortunately, some dentists have left their patients without a way to obtain care. Now they have a way to find a dentist who can meet them virtually," explains Teresa Duncan, host of the Nobody Told Me That! podcast and dental speaker.

When patients visit their dentist's teledentistry page, they chat with Wally's care team who will immediately respond, and then coordinate and set up a virtual visit with their dentist.

We're excited to enable our partner dentists to provide ongoing dental care to their patients in an efficient way that fits in their workflows. Whether it's a treatment follow up question, or a raging toothache, this teledentistry solution helps patients connect with their trusted dentist and get the answers they need, fast.

Wally's teledentistry for practices solution is free for our partner dentists. If you're interested in learning more, just tap the chat button below.

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