Talk to a Dentist—from Anywhere

We're excited to make virtual dentist visits available to patients across the US.

Toothaches almost never pop up at convenient times—but with dentist offices closed and our ERs overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, it’s an especially difficult time to be facing dental issues. Left untreated, dental pain and infections can become serious health issues that could land you in the ER. Talking to a dentist at the first sign of a dental issue is the best way to take care of your smile, so we made it our mission to create a service that makes it easy for anyone to talk to a dentist from home.

Today, we’re excited to announce that after a successful pilot with our Boston-based partner dentists, we’re making our virtual dental visits available to everyone nationwide. While traditional dental insurers communicated the CDC’s hand washing guidelines, we quickly assembled a nationwide team of trusted dentists who have made themselves available for virtual visits. You can now book an appointment for an affordable fee to address your dental issues as soon as they pop up. Here’s how it works:

First, chat with our care team. 

Our experienced customer care team can answer questions for free and help you evaluate if a virtual dentist visit can help with your issue. 

Then, book an appointment.

If a visit is necessary, we’ll schedule an appointment for you with a partner dentist licensed in your state. You’ll pay $49 for the visit, and we pass most of that directly on to the dentist. 

Join your virtual visit via secure video call.

You’ll receive a link to join a secure video call with your dentist. After evaluating your symptoms, the dentist may order a prescription, recommend at-home remedies, or refer you to emergency dental care at a facility that’s open in your area. They’ll also work with you on a follow-up plan to manage your symptoms until they’re resolved.

We want to encourage you to take advantage of our knowledgeable care team with any and all dental questions. Come chat about things like toothaches, jaw swelling, chipped teeth, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold, bleeding gums, filings that have fallen out—even canker sores and broken retainers. It’s free to chat with our care team, and we can provide best practices and other helpful information approved by our board of dentist advisors. For detailed dental care and personalized recommendations, we will refer you to have a virtual visit with a licensed dentist.

Our care team is available to answer questions for free and book appointments with dentists from 8am - 10pm EST daily. What are you waiting for? Just tap the chat button below.

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