Wally membership FAQs

Find out what you get for a Franklin with Wally (spoiler: it's A LOT) 😉

You want to be a smart mouth. That's why we've laid out our most popular FAQs about the membership so you can do your homework before you decide to become a Wally member.

What's covered in my membership?

Your annual membership includes:

  • unlimited cleanings
  • unlimited custom whitenings
  • exams, x-rays, and 3D scans
  • 24/7 access to your care team and virtual clinicians

And yes, when we way unlimited we really mean unlimited. That's because every mouth is different. Some people need 2 cleanings / year, and others need 4 cleanings / year. Even though every mouth is different, we believe every smile deserves access to affordable dental care.

Do I pay extra on top of my membership for each appointment?

No! Absolutely not! Your cleanings, whitenings, exams, x-rays, and 3D scans are ALL covered in your membership. No matter how many you need during the year. That means a healthier mouth and more money in your pocket.

What happens if I need something that isn't covered?

Depending on your needs other treatments may be recommended. If something is not covered but you are motivated to get it done, your personal hygienist and care team will work with you to find a dentist for what you need. That includes helping you find a great dentist or specialist for what you need, determining if your insurance will cover it (if you have insurance), and what your out-of-pocket costs will be BEFORE you book an appointment. All of this is support is included in your membership.

How can I pay for my membership?

We accept all major credit cards, or you can use your FSA / HSA card.

Can I buy a membership if I have insurance?

Absolutely 💯! Close to 50% of our members have dental insurance and are using Wally to (a) get the cleanings they need, (b) get whitening that is effective, comfortable, and affordable, (c) and/or have a team of dental professionals listen and help them achieve their specific goals for their smile.

Got more questions? Chat with us or text us at 833-929-2559.

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