Wally membership FAQs

Find out what you get for a few Franklins with Wally (spoiler: it's A LOT) 😉

What makes Wally different?

Wally is a new kind of dental care: one that is honest, affordable, and prevents problems instead of selling them. We are rebuilding dental care with the first tech-driven, patient-built experience. The result is proactive dental care personalized to you that prevents issues so you can have a healthy, happy smile.

What's included in my membership?

Your annual membership includes:

  • Unlimited dental cleanings & whitening
  • Top-rated clinicians for in-person and virtual visits
  • Modern diagnostics like X-rays that take seconds (not minutes) & 3D scans instead of putty impressions
  • Exams and data-driven recommendations - AI to determine treatment, not an insurance co
  • 24/7 Care Team
  • Instant, one-click booking

Do I pay extra on top of my membership for each appointment?

No! Absolutely not! You get all the preventative care you need with your annual Wally membership. No more surprise bills, unnecessary fillings, and difficulty making appointments. That means a healthier mouth and more money in your pocket. 

Is Wally open yet?

Yes! Our first studio on the Upper East Side is now open. Book your first appointment instantly after becoming a member.

What kind of whitening will I get?

You get custom-fit trays with custom-formulated gel that you'll use at-home to whiten your teeth. This method is most effective for helping you reach your desired shade of white, and keep it. It's also safer and more comfortable for your teeth than in-office whitening sessions because you can limit tooth sensitivity.

Do I need insurance? 

Insurance is not required to become a Wally member. About ½ of our members do not have dental insurance. Wally’s membership covers all preventative care services for one flat fee.  For other proactive care services we offer, pricing is simple and transparent… no games.

Do you accept insurance?

Wally does not work with insurance because we believe dental insurance has created the big mess our dental care system is in. This allows us to provide preventative and proactive care for your individual needs, not the needs of an insurance plan that doesn't know you.

If you need services that are not included in your Wally membership, your Care Team will work with you to find a specialist and reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Can I use my FSA?

Yes! You are able to use your FSA or HSA card.

Got more questions? Chat with us or text us at 833-929-2559.

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