The most affordable and convenient way to a healthier, brighter smile? Membership-based dental care

Your dental care experience can be costly. And for millions of Americans dental care has a higher out-of-pocket cost burden than any other healthcare experience (for example, going to the doctor, or getting a prescription).

Out-of-pocket payments. Surprise bills. And insurance that costs more than it helps. 

Your dental care experience can be costly. And for millions of Americans dental care has a higher out-of-pocket cost burden than any other healthcare experience (for example, going to the doctor, or getting a prescription).  

You believe that having a healthier, brighter smile is important.  But professional care can be really expensive and hard to find.

But it could be the opposite: from impossibly costly to simply affordable. Here's how we do it...

One affordable membership that was built for you

We are launching an affordable membership to connect you to dental care that is built for your mouth and your life. And it can save you 10X the money. Because you deserve a dental care experience that works for you.

Affordable and convenient care from amazing hygienists and dentists, who support your oral care journey in a way that makes sense for your life.

Doing better can be affordable and easy when the experience is focused on patients. That's why we get to know our members the second they sign up. and it starts with your personal hygienist.

Meet your personal Wally hygienist

As a member, you will notice that this experience is built for you. You will chat with your personal hygienist from home to save you time before you meet them in person.

Your personal hygienist will be your guide for all things oral care to help you achieve all of your smile goals.  

After the first hygienist chat, many members ask, "Why hasn't my dentist asked me this before?"

"Why hasn't my dentist asked me this before?"

From there, your hygienist will support you for your entire oral health journey: understanding your goals, reaching out, sharing tips, and cheering you on to achieve your dreams.

A dentist visit that works for you

Your first visit will be unlike anything you've experienced at the dentist. We listen to you - learning about your oral health goals, and how that fits with your life.

Do you want to have whiter teeth, feel less pain when chewing, or smile with your friends? We want to know what motivates you to have a healthier smile!

You'll walk in and immediately head to your chair. No forms, no waiting, no wondering what to do.

You will get a Wally product box and get a chance to brush your teeth - we get it, sometimes you can't brush your teeth before an appointment. 

Next is your assessment. This includes 3D scans, digital X-rays, high-res photos, evaluating your gum health, and taking a look at your enamel.

We will talk with you, not at you, so that you understand what's going on and why. Our mission is to empower you to take the steps needed for you to have a smile that you are confident in. 

When your appointment is done, you'll say good-bye and get on with the next thing in your day. No payments. No surprise bills. Just confidence that you know what is needed to create a smile you love.

Don't remember the tips from your hygienist, or the next step you're supposed to do? No sweat, we don't stop caring about you when you leave the office. 

Taking control of your oral health between visits

Your oral health journey doesn't stop when you leave the dental office. We support our members between visits, because 95% of what you do for your smile you do from your own bathroom.

It’s all customized for you.  The visit you had with us told us a lot.  You’ll find that your hygienist is there to explain what you learned in the visit and what you can do to achieve your goals or address any concerns.

“One-size-fits all information doesn't work. Personalized information is powerful.” - Sarah, Wally RDH

You will receive a personalized hygiene routine tailored to your goals, your needs, and your life, and if you want, we can send you the products you need, directly to your doorstep.

Why do we care so much? Because if you’re empowered to be in control of your oral health, the outcomes will be amazing.  Not to mention, so much easier and more affordable.

What to expect in your Wally experience

We can't wait to have you be our newest member! Here's what you can expect when you sign up with Wally:

  • Become a member in just a few taps on your phone
  • Your personal hygienist will introduce themselves over text message
  • Chat by phone with your hygienist to learn more about what to expect during your first visit
  • Visit our studio for an appointment that won't have you waiting around
  • Become a master of your oral care - custom routines and products to keep your whiter, healthier smile on your terms

If you're already on the waitlist, we are reaching out to start inviting people to book their first appointment - very soon. Not on the waitlist yet? Sign up for early access.  

We are doing our best to get everyone in ASAP - but our openings are limited. If you’re really excited to get your invitation, let us know by emailing us here.

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