How patients will "go" to the dentist in 2022

A patient-driven healthcare revolution is underway. But is dental joining?

The dental care experience wasn't made for patients. Until now.

In 2021, innovative healthcare solutions made huge progress.  Being patient-driven is now a reality thanks to companies like Tia, Parsley, and Forward. Patients win with improved experiences that increase accessibility (think virtual care), provide delightfully designed in-person care, and make pricing more affordable.

Sadly, those advances haven’t reached the dental care industry. So patients are still stuck with a dental care system that they spend $150Bn annually on -  leaving many wondering why the system won’t change.

Since 2019 our team has questioned everything the dental experience has been for the past 50 years. After delivering care to thousands of patients (both virtually and in-person), it’s never been clearer: the experience wasn't built for us (patients).

So we decided to rebuild it.

Wally is a new kind of dental care: one that is honest, affordable, and prevents problems instead of selling them

No more surprise bills, unnecessary fillings, and difficulty making appointments. 

2021 was a big year for Wally.  We launched the first modern dental care experience in NYC and people love it.  One simple, affordable membership that includes:

  • All the preventative care you need (and some extra perks like free whitening!) 
  • New diagnostic technology that your current dentist probably doesn’t have, like 3D scanning and saliva testing
  • Your own personal care team to help with any questions
  • Top-rated clinician for in-person and virtual visits

And, it’s going to get even better for our members in 2022:

  • We are expanding our initial location on the UES to be bigger, better, and open more days
  • Adding more locations within NYC for added convenience and availability
  • Using even more technology in the experience like x-rays that take 30 seconds instead of 15 mins and precise cavity detection that you can trust (because we don’t benefit from upselling)
  • Launching the Wally app to help manage things like your appointment scheduling, visit results, and progress tracking.

Wally was founded with a mission: to inspire and empower all of us with confidence, radiance, and health. And, with technology, great people, and a ton of curiosity we want to be the first stop for all your dental care needs - from home to in our studio.  Heck, we might even get you to enjoy “going” to the dentist 😊

Interested in dental done differently? Click here to join the dental care revolution.


Tyler Burnett, Co-founder and CEO, and the whole Wally team

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