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With our new partnership, patients can now access all their dental care needs easily - starting from home. Candid™ and Wally Health have teamed up to deliver modern dental care that’s simple and affordable.

NEW YORK, NY - Candid announced today that it has partnered with Wally Health to make it easier for patients to access dental care, affordably. Candid, a leading clear aligner company, and Wally, a leading dental telehealth company, have partnered to expand patients' access to affordable dental care prior to their clear aligner journey. 

The partnership will provide current and future Candid customers access to Wally Health's dental care product, which makes it easier and more affordable to achieve healthy teeth - starting at home. Wally Health's membership-based model provides personalized care to its members, and connects them with real clinicians at home and in office, depending on the personalized needs of the patient.

With the ongoing pandemic, patients are looking for ways to achieve oral health without going into orthodontic or dental offices, until they need to. The two organizations use telehealth and remote monitoring with the common goal of achieving better oral health outcomes for their patients in a way that is more accessible and affordable than traditional options.  

"We are thrilled to work with Wally Health to give patients easy and immediate access to dental care," said Dr. C. Lynn Hurst, Chief Dental Officer at Candid. "We know that many people don't have a dentist they trust, or are worried about visiting a dentist in the current environment. We are looking forward to working with Wally to make dental care more accessible." 

"We are excited to be bringing together two leading telehealth companies with Candid’s innovative clear aligner solution and Wally's simple and approachable dental care experience,'' said Tyler Burnett, CEO and Co-Founder of Wally Health. "Patients have a very emotional relationship to their teeth, and often feel anxiety and fear when it comes to dentistry. Patients deserve the easiest and most affordable access to straighter and healthier teeth, in a way that is built for them.”

Candid's patients can get started with Wally, free of charge.

About Candid

Candid® is redefining oral health by using modern technology to help deliver human-focused care. With a commitment to creating the best outcomes, Candid inspires confidence and promotes wellbeing. They believe that high-quality orthodontics should be affordable and accessible, and are pioneering an innovative approach to diagnosing, treating, and monitoring cases remotely. Candid’s team is a group of startup veterans with experience across healthcare, hospitality, tech, and finance at companies such as Lyft, BCG, Airbnb, Blackstone, and Clover Health. Learn more about Candid’s story here.

About Wally Health

Wally Health is a dental care company focused on rebuilding the traditional dental experience which 151M American adults avoid every year. Their affordable membership-based care combines easy access to care through telehealth, personalized at-home care for prevention, and easy access to in-office care when needed. The Boston-based startup was founded by a team of technologists and innovators, and is working with some of the nation's top hygienists and dentists to develop its product and service. Visit to learn more about our story.

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