What is At-Home Dental Care?

Our health, relationships, and even success depend on our smiles. So why do we use a generic approach to oral health that doesn’t work for millions of Americans? We're bringing personalized care to your mouth with Wally’s At-Home Dental Care.

The majority of Americans avoid routine dental visits. Unfortunately the pandemic made this worse. And let’s face it, being cooped up all the time leads to less-than-perfect-at-home diets and habits. According to the CDC more than 90% of Americans have tooth decay and 50% of people 30 and older have gum disease. Clearly the advice to "brush and floss daily" is one-size-fits-none. But we can change this! Our dental care starts and ends with the care we give your teeth every day at home. Period. That's why we're excited to launch our At-Home Dental Care. Personalized dental care, led virtually by a real hygienist, from home.

I brush and floss daily, so what does Wally do differently? 

At Wally, we are innovating the future of our dental care experience to rebuild it so it works for us - the patients. While brushing and flossing are foundational to at-home dental care, it's only the tip of the iceberg. Understanding the chemistry of your mouth and how all the elements work together can be the difference between a life of healthy teeth, or getting gum disease in our 20’s and 30’s.

Wally does this by understanding your mouth type, and providing the right care plan and products from your own personal Wally hygienist. You don't use curly shampoo for straight hair, or treat dry skin with products for oily skin. But with our mouths, it's not as straightforward as looking at hair or skin type.

Sounds interesting. How does it work?

Our personalized at-home care saves you time and money. Here's how it works: 

Once you become a Wally member, the first step is to complete your "diagnostic kit”.  We mail you a few easy (and fun!) tests to do at home in less than 5 minutes. These tests help our clinicians determine your risk factors and areas to focus on, and these insights allow us to personalize the products, routines, and instructions in your care plan.

For example, let's say you have acidic saliva, it may put you at higher risk for tooth decay. Swapping your dental products, adjusting your brushing technique, and making small modifications to your lifestyle habits can neutralize your saliva and more effectively remineralize your teeth - reducing and stopping tooth decay.

Once your tests are uploaded, we launch a one-on-one virtual chat with a real hygienist to discuss your plan and product recommendations. We have exclusive partnerships with leading, cutting-edge dental product companies to help you get the right products at a great price.

And we don't leave you hanging. You get ongoing feedback with your virtual hygienist, and unlimited virtual care to answer any dental question you have, anytime. 

Wally saves you time and money too. That means less 😖 and more 🏖

Unplanned visits to the dentist for things like cavities are frustrating because they are expensive, inconvenient, and scary. The Wally experience empowers you to have healthy teeth and avoid tooth decay and gum disease, all while feeling confident about the steps to take to long-term oral health. Healthy teeth means fewer (or zero) unnecessary trips to the dentist, which means less time in the chair and more money in your pocket. Not to mention, a healthier and happier smile.

When can I get my at-home dental care with Wally?

We're shipping our first diagnostic kits in late November, and you can pre-order now to be one of the first to receive our kit!Simply go to our homepage, start with a one-minute quiz, and then enter your information to pre-order Wally. We won't charge your card until we launch and your diagnostic kit is in the mail.Wally's at-home dental care is $10 / month, but if you pre-order now you'll receive a Wally diagnostic kit and get to try it for free for one month.

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